Halloween jam pic
The music forgoes fixed rhythms, traditional pop-song structure and the customary instrumental hierarchy. The result can be taut, unpredictable and exhilarating.” – Mark Jenkins, the Washington Post

The Goings On

Greetings! Thanks for visiting our humble webpage. Feel free to click on stuff and see what happens.

‘Tis an exciting time for your pals in Ximena. We’re starting to get CHARGED once again now that long-time friend and master string manipulator, Mike Pond, has forcibly agreed to contribute his musical talents to the band! Mike has made our stale food fresh again by adding some much-needed seasoning to satisfy your musical pallets. As such, we will be blowing the dust off our mixing console once again to start recording the final tracks to our aptly titled album, “. . . ”

Hope you (find a way to) enjoy our fresh old music!

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